Tickets on Sale for the 

Teen Troupe Production of High School Musical!

 Friday, April 13th - 7:00pm
Saturday, April 14th - 5:00pm and 7:00pm
Sunday, April 15th - 2:00pm            1-303-557-2214

$195 or $50 Payment Plan Certificates Available!

Gift Certificates may be used for any 2016 production or summer camp.  You must call or email to enroll and their must be current openings.  If you choose the $50 payment plan, you are required to pay the remainder by opening night of a production or by the first day of a summer camp. Gift certificates are only good in 2016 and will not be valid for any 2017 productions or camps. 

The Sound of Music in Concert is a fundraiser for Spotlight Theater. The cast features Denver area professionals and Spotlight students as the Von Trapp children and our very own Spotlight Theater directors. Ticket sales will benefit the theater's ongoing efforts to provide cultural enrichment through the performing arts.

2018 will bring changes to Spotlight Theater
During the last 3.5 years, Spotlight Theater has grown quickly.  To accommodate our growing program, we are developing some new casts beginning 2018.  We will be offering - 
"Early Actors" for ages 6-10 years.  This will be a beginning cast and will be great for younger students.  This will also give our 9-10 year olds more opportunities for lead roles with smaller casts and more individualized attention. The shows will be a little shorter and a great way to get started in the theater.  Everyone enrolled in the cast gets a part! Production fee of $189.

"Broadway Bound Kids" for ages 10-16.  This will be an intermediate cast with older actors that are ready for a larger production with more lines, more dancing and more challenging vocals.  This cast will be the similar to our current classes. Everyone enrolled in the cast gets a part! Production fee of $199.

"Homeschool Cast" for ages 7-16.  This will be a beginning and intermediate combo cast with younger and older actors.  This cast is specifically for homeschool students and rehearsals are during the day.  This cast will be the similar to our current homeschool class. Everyone enrolled in the cast gets a part! Production fee of $189.

"Teen Troupe" - Ages 12-18 - This is an audition based production and will have advanced acting, vocal and dance requirements.  The commitment is larger and there are more shows per production.  This is an advanced production and is by audition only. Production fee of $199 if cast.

"Community Theater" - Age varies per production.  This is open to all ages in the community and we hope to see adults and kids involved.  There is only one cast and it is by audition only.  This show is intermediate to advanced and is for the community of Castle Rock to enjoy.  There will be more commitment for rehearsals and up to 6-8 productions.  There is no production fee if cast, but there will be a $25 costume fee, and help spreading the word to the community to sell tickets. 

We are so excited to launch our new programs with the  enrollment for the Winter Production of The Wizard of Oz for the  "Early Actors",  "Broadway Bound Kids" and "Homeschool Cast".  

Email Ms. Hannah to sign up for private or semi private lessons -

Gift Certificates Available!

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