How to Apply for a Scholarship at Spotlight Theater

Scholarships are offered at Spotlight Theater for productions only.  We do not offer scholarships for our Summer Camps. 

Actors are eligible for 1 full scholarship and 1 half scholarship each calendar year.

 If an actor has already used both scholarships in a calendar year, they may asked to be put on a waitlist.  If scholarship money is still available 1 week before auditions, it will be shared between each person on the waitlist.

Scholarship requests must be made 7 days before the first audition of the production.  After that the scholarship money will be given to anyone on the waitlist. 

​How to apply for a Spotlight Theater Scholarship -

  1. Email Spotlight Theater

  2. Ask for a full or half scholarship

  3. Let us know why you need the scholarship

  4. List the production and the specific cast 

 5. Spotlight Theater will get back to you within 48 hours. 

If you would like to donate to our Scholarship Fund go to