Teen Troupe - Spamalot Audition Information

Production Fee - $225 - By Audition Only - Ages 12-18 

Spamalot is a musical comedy that centers around King Arthur and his search for the Holy Grail. After a rather silly bit of miscommunication leads us briefly to Finland, our king and his ever faithful squire Patsy begin to search for knights to accompany him on his Quest. He finds his first in the unlikely guise of Dennis, a hideous local mud farmer. After convincing the locals that he is the king by conjuring the Lady of Lake to prove it, Dennis is transformed into Sir Galahad. The rest of the knights are found far and wide and The Lady of the Lake and her Laker Girls, send our stalwart band on their way. They meet up with an unforgettable slew of outrageously kooky characters and musical hilarity ensues as Arthur and the Knights make their journey.

Auditions (part 1), Thursday, February 21st - 7:15-8:15pm Dance & Voice Workshop - Everyone wishing to audition for Spamalot has to attend the hour long Dance and Voice Workshop.  You will be taught a short tap routine and a Musical Theater combo. You will also practice each of the available audition songs. You will only be required to sing one of the songs for your personal audition.

Audition (part 2) - Saturday, August 23rd - Personal and Group Auditions
Girls - You must sing "Find Your Grail" from Spamalot if you want to audition for Lady of the Lake.
Guys or Girls - You can sing "Song that Goes Like This" or "Bright Side of Life" from Spamalot.

Everyone interested in auditioning for Spamalot will need to sign up for a 30 minutes audition spot.  During your 30 minute spot you will do your song and monolog. You may choose a 1 minute monologue of your choice. Then, your group will do the dance audition together.  Tap shoes are recommended, but not required for auditions. Most characters will be required to purchase tap shoes for the performance. There is a $5 audition fee. This does not guarantee a part in the production.

Please check the calendar carefully before you sign up for the production.  Ms. Arianna is finishing up a production during the month of February and the schedule has been built to accommodate her availability

If you are offered a role in Spamalot, you will need to make a full or partial payment to accept your role.  If you decide to accept your role, you will be required to pay the full production fee even if you decide to leave the cast at a later date. If you choose not to accept your role, it will be offered to another person and we will not be able to change that decision.   

Rehearsal Schedule
Week 1- Saturday, March 2nd 12:00-2:30pm
Week 2 - Saturday, March 9th, 9:00-11:00am
Week 3 - Saturday, March 23rd, 9:00am-12:00pm
Week 4 - Tues, March 26th, 7:15-8:45pm and Thursday, March 28th 7:15-8:45pm
Week 5 - Tues, April 2nd, 7:15-8:45pm and Thursday, April 4th 7:15-8:45pm
Week 6 - Tues, April 9th, 7:15-8:45pm and Thursday, April 11th 7:15-8:45pm
Week 7 - Tues, April 16th, 7:15-8:45pm and Thursday, April 18th 7:15-8:45pm
Week 8 - Tues, April 23rd, 7:15-8:45pm and Thursday, April 25th 7:15-8:45pm
Week 9 - Tues, April 30th, 7:15-8:45pm and Thursday, May 2nd, 7:15-8:45pm

Main Cast - Friday  May 3rd - 7:30pm
Saturday, May 4th - 5:00pm and 7:00pm
Understudy Cast - Sunday, May 5th 2:00pm and 5:00pm

Character List https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Knqi_p3ofiHPnMgOD40vufsEWpxkXTRSpE8e6LLzRF0/edit?usp=sharing